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Welcome to the Huron Foundation Application Page

Grants will be reviewed on a rolling basis consistent with Huron Foundation Board of Directors meetings held quarterly.

If approved, you are REQUIRED to fill out a reporting statement that is due one year after the grant is received.

Huron Foundation will not make grants for the following purposes:

  • Fund-raising events
  • Projects outside of Greater Cleveland
  • Endowment funds
  • Lobbying

Grants will not be made to:

  • Organizations not classified as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt by the Internal Revenue Service
  • Organizations that received funds from Huron Foundation that did not file required follow-up report

Huron Foundation Board Members review proposals at their tri-annual meetings which generally occur in January, September and May. Proposals received throughout the year are reviewed at the board meeting which occurs closest to the submission date.

To apply please start by filling in the info below:

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